Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Not Black!

I started going gray in my early twentites. So did all of my siblings. We blame it all on our mother. She has the early-gray-hair gene. (We also inherited the high-cholesterol gene and diabetes gene. Aren't we lucky?) Having the gray-hair gene is at least manageable. So I've been coloring my hair since I was 25. I usually keep it my normal dark brown, but two weeks ago I let my stylist convince me to go dark. Like one shade lighter than black on the color wheel thing. It's always a bit bizarre when they pull out the cardstock loaded with plastic 'hair' dyed certain colors. I choose the color as if I'm looking at the menu, "Mmmm.....I'll take brown 3b today." Well, it pretty much turned out really dark, practically black. And I know because my 4 year old (not pictured cause she was having a tempter tantrum off screen) told me so.

Hallie: Mom, now your hair is black like Nathan's and Ilene's.
(Now what you need to know is that I have never had black hair before. In fact, it's always my pet peeve when people tell me I have black hair. Ummm, are you color blind? It's clearly brown!!)

Me: Nathan and Ilene don't have black hair. And besides, it's not black, it's just really dark brown.

Hallie: Mom, I think you need to look in the mirror. Because guess what, it's black.


P.S. Do you like how I HAVE to comb her hair now to cover the entire left side of baldness?!!


Anonymous said...

If only I could have Hallie's color without paying a fortune every 6 weeks!! For the record...I dont think it looks black at all
I love when I get my haircut and my kids ask me how long it will look like that! They are such confidence builders :-)

Paul said...

I think it looks great. Of course, I also think it looks good when you dye it yourself at home.

Ilene said...

Does Paul ever say the wrong thing?

This is what I tell Laura when she tells me her hair color is brown. I tell her if I had to draw a picture of her and pick her hair color out of a box of crayons, I would choose black. I would do the same for you.

I totally get Hallie's reasoning.

Now, the way to make me feel bad about my hair color is to tell me that you would use a brown crayon to color my hair instead of a yellow.

cyn the win said...

Curse you Ilene! I just wrote this WHOLE blog about how I hate it when people say I have black hair and you just did the unpardonable!

nicole said...

you should call it chestnut or walnut. Just stay away from the whole black /brown thing at all. It looks good. anyway you are lucky to have a complexion that allows you to go a bit darker and still look good.

Anonymous said...

you can't really tell the color in that picture. I wonder if any of my future kids will have black hair given their ethnic backgrounds.

Care Bear said...

As your sister, I have to insist that you look GOOD with that darker shade. Me saying this has nothing to do with the fact that I look darn good in the exact same shade (which color I've been using for about 6 months now). It drives me crazy that mom hates us having the darker hair. She keeps insisting I need to go back to the blonde highloghts in my hair. Why didn't anyone tell me how BAD that looked? I mean, I was practically looking like Patty in her Junior High years. That's not an insult, bleached blonde was great for her in 1988, but not for me in 2006!!! Stick with the darkest brown, Cyn.


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