Thursday, March 06, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Hallie wanted my old rotary cutting mat. She then grabbed the pizza cutter from her kitchenette and went to work 'cutting' fabric scraps. (My box of fabric scraps is her favorite 'toy' in this whole house.) Frustration loomed large though as she started screaming as she was 'cutting', "This isn't working! I need a real cutter." So I told her about the time I got stitches because I cut through my thumb with the dang rotary blade. She was not to be dismissed. Oh bother.


Ilene said...

Oh, that is cute. I don't recall ever wanting to imitate my mom sewing. I do recall running away from her when she wanted to either teach me about sewing or measure me for something. Maybe I shouldn't have a daughter.

Anonymous said...

See, Cynthia, you are worshipped by your daughter. It's funny how the same kid that can make you miserable can warm your heart. Liz


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