Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amy Butler Apron

Is it too housewife-y to wear an apron all day? Because I have been wearing this apron all day. I'm loving all the sewing projects in my new book, In Stitches. Although I don't think I'm brave enough to wear the apron over jeans out in public like in this photo to the right. I made it this morning at 4am when I couldn't sleep. (Surprise, surprise, I'm the worst sleeper ever. I've already blogged about that.)

I made sure I added the pocket because I once read that if you clean the house wearing an apron with pockets you'll be more efficient. You'll load up the pockets with all the odds and ends--rubberbands and crayons in my house) and then put them all away in one trip after you're done picking up . Will adding this pocket make my house organized the way buying an ab-roller makes one skinny? You're right, should've added ten pockets.


Kacy said...

Cute. I feel more efficient when I wear an apron, even if I'm just laying around.

Ilene said...

Fun apron. I should do that because I am always finding little toys that somehow sneak out of the play room. Perhaps when I have trouble sleeping I will make an apron too.
So it looks like I will just have to settle for using an apron that someone else made.
Oh, Mom and I went to a quilt shop (of course) this week. Many eyes enviously eyed my bag. It was great!

Anonymous said...

Cute apron, Cyn! (O:


colleeeen said...

cynthia, ever since i found myself in your blog i've been peeking in on you intermittently. i'm shocked at how much we have in common as adults.

the apron is stinking cute. you should totally wear it out in public. but then, maybe i'm not somebody you should be taking fashion notes from (although my only pink hair now is a clip-in extension). i guess the next time i have insomnia i should sew an apron. my last insomnia sewing project was a lunch bag for Paul (my 5-year-old).

Anonymous said...

It's only too housewifey if you're wearing an a-line skirt over a crinoline slip and wearing heels. I might want one of these amy butler aprons because I'm a non-stop cooker don't you know? When will I start seeing aprons on your etsy site??

Anonymous said...

OK, so I am 12 months too late with this post. But your "do I look like a maid" artwork got my attention. Why? Because I am a maid and I do wear an apron all day!!!,although not a little waist apron but a full pinafore style, and yes the bigger the pockets (mine aprons have two) the better. Aprons over jeans??? not so feminine I think. Aprons go much better over a dress. If you want a niece apron for housework try a google for "edwardian apron" that is my fav. style.


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