Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bless you IKEA

Oh blessed day, IKEA has come to Draper, Utah.

Bless you Ikea for offering an alternative to puffy furniture and microsuede.

Bless you Ikea for not having any furniture in your store resembling logs.

Bless you Ikea for having cool and funky modern fabric.

Bless you Ikea for enabling me to buy this modern orange duvet for my guest room (and for only $20).

Bless you Ikea for selling slipcovered furniture,
thus making it possible for people with children
to fulfill their dream of white upholstery.

Bless you Ikea for being the complete opposite of The Quilted Bear.

Bless you Ikea, now I think it may be possible for Utah
to shed its image of being the capital of dried
eucalyptus and silk floral wall hangings.


Winnie said...

Cynthia...IT LOOKS GREAT! I love the bedspread!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I still have yet to enter the new Ikea here.

I love the new duvet, and enjoyed the blog because it is so darn true!

Amen, sister!


abelnap said...

As long as my M-I-L is giving us gifts (which will be as long as she is alive), eucalyptus, silk flowers, and cartoony tole painting will still thrive in Utah. It's like cockroaches--you can never fully get rid of it and it shows up when and where you least want it to. Curses. Dean's entire family would think Ikea was disgusting and ugly. Que triste, no?

Anonymous said...

Amen! AMEN!!! I envy you having one so close, but I'm very grateful
for access here. My sister in law loves to go with me because she
never buys anything--just enjoys watching me spend Tom's hard earned
money on drapery panels and such. I was just there on Monday and
bought a basket full of useful things I never knew I needed. We even
enjoyed a delicious lunch, their yellow lentil soup is good. On the
way home we munched on a chocolate bar full of hazelnuts. A delicious
afternoon. We decided IKEA is more like an amusement park for moms. :)


Paul said...

House looks great with all the wares from Ikea.

Thankfully they put it in Draper, on the south side of Point of the Mountain and our bank account would never survive!!

Love you Cyn :P

Ilene said...

Curse you IKEA for not having a store in Spokane.

Everything looks so modern chic! Love the orange room! Sometimes I wish I could twist my house into a more modern style but alas, I can't afford to update my entire look quite yet (especially with no IKEA nearby)and I do like my stuff that I have so far. Hope you won't mind the microfiber couches in my house! Not my first choice but when you know someone who will sell you couches at cost, you take what they have. . .besides the lines of the couches are very tailored and contemporary.

Don't worry, there are no log pieces in my house!

I would love a new duvet! My current bedding is not what I want any more. Let me know if you ever head back up to IKEA. there is a white duvet set that they sell only in the stores that I want. . . I may have to bribe you to pick it up for me and send it.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that pronounces it ICKY-a?? POPS

Anonymous said...

No Dad, I am sure Mike Jr, says it that way too. Crackhead.


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