Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Death of Summer

Is it pathetic to already be missing summer? It’s only the beginning of October for crying out loud!! But it’s true, I already miss summer. The tell-tale sign is that my tomatoes in the garden are not ripening anymore and frankly, the ones that have are kind of tasteless. Tomatoes are all I even plant anymore. I planted three pear tomato plants, three orange tomato plants, one cherry tomato plant, and 2 romas. My salad last night was dotted with beautiful orange and red tomatoes but it was a bit tasteless. Tomatoes need heat to be sweet and delicious. Maybe that’s why I love tomatoes so much? I need heat to be sweet and delicious too. Give me 100 degrees any day over today’s pathetic 56 degrees. Sigh. (Photo: Nathan and Ilene baking like salamanders in the sun at my childhood home in Chino, CA in May 2004)

And today I will make my one last pilgrimage to Allred’s Orchard to buy my last box of peaches. After that it’s boring apples and bananas for the rest of winter. Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer and Newman go hog wild eating all the Macinaw peaches? And how they mourned the day that the peach season was over? Oh it’s true my friends! That wasn’t just a sitcom.

I already miss going to the swimming pool—and so do my kids. The other day Ilene asked, “When are we going to the BYU pool again?” My answer: “Oh, maybe in 9 months or so.” That’s just plain sad. To make matters worse—that very same day that Ilene asked this question was the day I dropped my mom off at the SLC airport to return to my hometown of Chino, California where it was 85 degrees that day. Sigh again.

(Photo of Santa Barbara Mountains)
Here is one situation I can cite as to why the cold depresses me: I was watching the snooty show “Homes Across America” on HGTV back in March. And as you all know, or maybe you don’t, each February and March I am ready to put a “For Sale” sign in my yard and move back to California—no matter the circumstance—job or no job—house or not house, etc. On this day on “Homes Across America” they were touring Santa Barbara and all their beautiful Spanish style homes. They have city ordinances enforcing the Spanish style architecture. Even the Ralph’s grocery store has a terracotta roof and stucco walls. I decided on this gloomy March day (that was most likely accompanied by an inversion layer in the atmosphere) that we were going to move to Santa Barbara. So I Googled “Santa Barbara Real Estate” on my computer and proceeded to fill out one of those real estate questionnaire forms where you enter in the price you want to pay, the number of bedrooms you want, etc. Basically, the only homes for sale that returned from the search in the $300,000-400,000 range are double-wide trailers. Brings new meaning to the term “trailer trash”, doesn’t it? Suffice to say, I will never live in Santa Barbara. Or probably anywhere in California again. (Sigh again, wipe tears, etc.)

The one exciting thing to me about the impending cold weather is that now I have new winter clothes to wear because I have been on a sewing frenzy with brown wool, chocolate twill, and green corduroy. (Doesn't Ilene look cute in this corduroy jumper?) And I made my kids their yearly fleece jackets—this time embroidered by their Grandma with their names. Oh and I also bought lots of lovely winter coats at the Lands End Overstock site. Love that website! I’m getting into trouble there though. Who can resist pink wool jackets for $45? Oh the vanity. But if it keeps me sane, then what’s the harm? A monthly purchase of sweaters and wool fabric is cheaper than a house payment in California. That’s one way to look at it Paul.


Carolyn said...

When I picked up Mom at the airport it was actually 95 degrees and there was a hint of smoke and ash in the air from nearby fires. Gives new meaning to a CRISP California fall. So be grateful your 56 degress prohibits your dry mountainsides from literally catching fire (not just the glory of the sun striking the autumn leaves and casting an orange glow).

abelnap said...

Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia. There is so much to love about fall and even more about winter. Really. Nothing beats fresh apple cider on a crisp fall evening. Or loading up the car for a football game. A game with snow if we're luck. And no california beach or sun can match the still beauty of 18 inches of fresh snow blanketing the mountains, trees, and ski slopes. Stretch yourself, I know you can find SOMETHING about winter to LOVE. I'm trying with summer, you know. And I do like going to the pool. See. We can all find happiness outside our preferred season.

paulw_cpa said...

Carolyn, that is one of the great things about fall the Santa Ana winds blowing out the smog and stoking the wildfires!

Alison, you obviously are writing to someone other than Cynthia. When have we ever taken our kids to a football game? NEVER...although I would consider taking them to a REAL Salt Lake soccer game if the were any good.

Cynthia, yes that outlet store online is wicked. Glad you can rationalize the spending by saying it is less than a mortgage payment. In the same vein as calling library fines "user fees". I love you nonetheless.

Kacy said...

Cynthia, To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring [or summer]. Of course, I hate the sun so it's hard for me to be sympathetic. But there is one thing on which we can agree: Landsend Overstocks Rules! I love shopping for out of season clothes. I haven't bought anything not on sale for years now. It is so satisfying.

Lori Lashley said...

I guess I won't mention that it was 101 again here today. The pool is 91 degrees, thanks to the cover. You can split the difference between splurging on Lands End and a house payment in CA and bring the family for a vacation in Phx and crash with us!

BTW, I love the way you rationalized to Paul in your blog. Too cool.

cyn the win said...

Allison and Kacy--
I am afraid I have given the wrong impression. I do LOVE fall, but that doesn't mean I can't miss summer right? I didn't title this blog "Why I Love Summer and Hate the Other Three Seasons". Oh to be misunderstood! And by the way, Kacy, who HATES THE SUN!? That's just crazy talk....


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