Friday, October 28, 2005

Alias Fans: What's going on?

Anyone out there still watching Alias? And if so, will you admit it? I am not a fan of how the season is going. But like a car accident, I just can’t look away.

Killing and Cloning: Why did they kill off Vaughn/Andre Michoux? Okay, we know he is NOT dead. They brought back Irina because Jack really only killed her “clone”. I know she wasn’t really a clone, but something like that. I read someone elses blog where they called these doubles “clones” and they got ripped to shreds by all the Alias wanna-be scientists (and I’m suspecting Star Trek fans) out there in internet land who then proceeded to correct this imbecile. So for lack of science expertise, I am calling Irina’s double a clone. Don’t forget they had a clone-like double of Ethan Hawke and of Francie in seasons past so you know in actuality either Vaughn had on a bullet proof vest and he is in hiding because he doesn’t want the really bad wicked new SD-6 dudes to kill him, Sydney, and their unborn baby. Or his clone-like double was killed. Did anyone follow that? And don’t forget that Sloan was put to death by lethal injection and then Jack brought him back with anti-venom. Or something like that. So that’s like four people that have been doubled and or re-incarnated on the show. The writers are simply stretching out the plot to last until their contract with ABC is up—in 2008 I believe.

New characters: I am not loving the addition of new characters. I don't even know their names nor care to. They should have just kept the old and saved me the trouble of having to bond with the new characters. And because this is Alias you never really do know if the new people are good or evil. Never.

And speaking of things I don't like, why are they writing in Jennifer Garners pregnancy on the show? We all know it’s Ben Affleck’s baby and not Vaughn’s. I keep looking at Sydney while I watch the show and I can’t get it out of my brain: “Why is Jennifer Garner with Ben Affleck?” How are the writers of Alias going to deal with Sydney as a Mom? Will the baby be with Sydney in a backpack while she scales the skyscrapers? Will the baby travel with her to Budapest, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong and be in a perpetual state of jet lag? Will the bad guys threaten to pull out the baby’s teeth if Sydney doesn’t cooperate? Or will the show go down hill once they have a baby—just like Mad About You. You know what I mean—all of sudden Jack’s fatherly instincts will kick in for Sydney and his grandbaby and he will be all mushy and lovely-dovey. If they make him cry the first time he sees his grandbaby I’ll stop watching the show. I will. I’m not bluffing. Okay, I’m bluffing.

Lastly, I predict that during sweeps week Vaughn will be brought back, Nadia will emerge from her coma (although my sister Carolyn contests that this show doesn't have room for two beautiful women so they'll have to kill off Nadia), Weiss will return, and Sydney will give birth. All in that order. (Okay, maybe Weiss is really gone, but you know the others are not.) Mark my words.


paulw_cpa said...

Obviously Carolyn hasn't found the time to pontificate about the true plot twists to come.

I must say I have lost most of my interest in this show and not because Jennifer Garner is pregnant and isn't half naked in each episode as in previous seasons. The plot has become to weird--IF THAT IS POSSIBLE.

Let's get back to the real enemies; SD-6 and its spinoff "The Covenant". I want more cool Rombaldi artifacts and to see the inside of Jack's secret storage lockers.

Carolyn said...

Believe me Paul - I tried!! I am having a hard time getting Cynthia's blog to appear on my website, then when they do and I try to comment, I forget my username and or password.

But I have theories! Do I ever have theories!! I emailed Cyn to let her know that like her I believe that Vaughn is still alive and that it was his evil double who was shot to death. When all the ALIAS fans band together and demand his reincarnation, he will reappear. Provided that Mr. Vartan is not to proud to recontract on this show.

But yea, the show SUCKS right now. Whose brilliant idea was it for these new characters? Because I hate them. they should have brought back Ethan Hawke's character because he kicked butt, was HOT, and had chemistry with Syd. I am very frustrated with the show, but cannot stop watching. It's a sickness that has totally invaded me and affects the functions of my brain every Thursday night. I'll comment again and again on this blog, stay tuned...

Carolyn said...

So did you watch this past week's Alias? I'm on for tonight's episode, baby!!!

Now that the show is officially ending (hold back the sobs)I heard a radio interview with the gal who plays Rachel where she indicated that many past characters will be brought back from the dead. So hearing Vaughn say "We always come back to each other" gave me new and living hope that he will be BACK to claim his fiancee and baby. You just watch, missy!


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