Thursday, October 10, 2013

Make Up Brush Holder

I love my make up brushes. They turn a plain girl like me into someone fancy. I’ve been wanting to make me a make up brush holder for some time now. I’m tired of always digging through my make-up brush bag looking for just the right brush. Well, I can say goodbye to that!


I embroidered the gray canvas with my jigsaw border embroidery pattern and paired it with some berry-colored linen. The back is an Amy Butler canvas print in gray. Yum.


I mostly followed this tutorial to make it but I made a few changes. First, I didn’t use batting but instead used some heavy interfacing—the kind for craft projects. And second, I cut my fabrics 10”x19”, an inch bigger all the way around than what was suggested. Maybe my make up brushes (M.A.C.) are taller than hers but a 9” tall roll-up would have been too short for my brushes. I’m glad I added an extra inch on the side too because I wanted to store some of my eye liners in it as well.



I love how this border stitched out……

photo 1


…….nearly as pretty on the back as the front

photo 2

The embroidery took the longest but sewing the project took about 30-45 minutes. I love it!



JITR said...

Beautiful project! What kind of stabilizer did you use? it looks like a lot of stitches and there is no puckering or pulling at all - well done!

cynthia said...

i just used a very cheap heavy interfacing like 'craft fuse'


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