Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Embroider a Kitchen Apron

I’m not sure how beneficial this post will be as this is a fairly simple process but I do have a lot of customers who are brand spankin’ new to embroidery, so maybe it will be helpful to one of you.


First, hoop a piece of tear away stabilizer. Spray it with a temporary adhesive spray like 505. I love that stuff.

I am using my Whisky Business design, found here.

To buy this exact apron, click here. They are a great price, come in great colors,  and while I don’t love that they are a polyester/cotton mix, it does keep them from being all wrinkly once washed. (I hate ironing.)

Stick your apron on. You might be wondering why not just hoop the apron and ignore the spray. You definitely can, but I find the seams in the top of the apron and the side are much to thick to fit in the hoop so this is a better option. 90% of the time I prefer to hoop but finished items like this are easier to embroider by just sticking them on to a hooped piece of stabilizer.


I fold my apron in half at the top to get a crease then I line up that crease with the center of my hoop:


Attached hoop, and stitch away! I should have moved my design just a tad down so that it didn’t stitch so close to the top, but see? Even I make mistakes. Plenty of them, actually.


Here she is, all done!


Remove from the hoop and tear off all the paper on the back. I love it when designs look nearly as lovely on the back as they do on the front.




Also cute in orange with my Measure Once, Eat Twice design.


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Kerry Willard Bray said...

While I don't do any embroidery, I love your work and these aprons are fabulous! Absolutely love them!


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