Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ikea Furniture Hack


I relented and gave Ilene her own room. No more guest room in this house, sorry future guests. Sad smile

That meant she needed a new dresser. We spared no expense (cough) and bought the Tarva dresser at Ikea for $80.

ikea dresserIMG_2978

I quickly put Ilene to work priming and painting her dresser. Hey, she’s 12. Time to learn some DIY skills.


We painted it coral. It’s called “Lobster Tail” 7395A. It’s an old Millenium fan deck that Lowe’s is kind enough to mix for me. They have every paint name in the universie in their computer which always amazes me for some reason.


We deided to cover the dresser drawers in fabric. Enter the staple gun—my favorite DIY tool—minimum skills required to operate. My kinda tool.


Look at me hunched and working hard. I am a machine.

See the spray glue sittin on the ottoman? I forgot to use it and it turns out you don’t need it anyway—just staples.


Enter my son Nathan to actually assemble the dresser. Teenagers aren’t completely worthless.



I did scotch guard the fabric once it was stapled on. I’m sure it will get dirty eventually but then, hey, we can staple new fabric on or paint the drawers.


We added some cute knobs from Lowes.



And that’s it! Yea yea, I should’ve have matched up the prints better but that would entail wasting a LOT of fabric. I only had two yards and didn’t want to waste it all on this dresser. You can match up your own fabric on your own dresser. SmileLove this Amy Butler fabric.


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Aubri said...

Haven't checked out your blog in a while, so I'm having fun catching up. This is my new favorite dresser. Love it!


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