Tuesday, September 03, 2013

BBQ Dry Rubbed Chicken & Panzanella

It’s the end of summer and the tomatoes are finally plentiful in my garden. And you know what that means? I’ll tell ya. It means panzanella, an Italian bread salad. Who wouldn’t want homemade croutons and garden veggies doused in a garlicky vinaigrette? I’ve used this recipe from Barefoot Contessa for years. (I don’t usually add the bell peppers or capers though.) My kids all rave about this. Last night my 9-year old proclaimed “This is my favorite salad you ever make!”


One tip about using the sliced red onions in this salad. I learned from Rick Bayless, yes we are best friends, in my culinary dreams at least, is to rinse raw onions in cold water for a few seconds. It takes the ‘bite’ out of them but still keeps that onion-y flavor. My kids even mentioned this last night—“The onions don’t taste like onions!”



Here’s a bit awkward panoramic iPhone photo. Look how everyone is hunched over their plates shoveling the food in their cake hole. We’re a happy bunch.

And for that AMAZING dry-rubbed chicken, we turn to Cook’s Country. We’ve made this chicken at least 3-4 times this summer. That’s how yummy and fast it is. I will not go back to liquid BBQ sauce for chicken any more. Homey don’t play that. At least anymore. Well, ok, I might use the liquid stuff in a pinch but I’ll know that life could be better.

The kids may be back in school and fall is in the air, but the tomatoes are going strong and that’s how I know summer is still here. Tomatoes and barbecues. Life is good.IMG_3181

Click here for Chicken Recipe

Click here for Bread Salad Recipe

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nargyle said...

Do you put the basil in this salad? I couldn't see it in the picture, so I just wanted to make sure :)


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