Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cornflake Cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

Nothing is worse than wasting tons of ingredients not to mention precious time on a recipe that turns out meh. I saw these Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookies on Martha last week and the way Martha was raving you would’ve thought I had seen an infomercial at midnight promising me perfectly sliced tomatoes if I’d just call the 1-800 number and order that Ginsu knife. That’s how fast I printed the recipe off her website. They looked so promising.


First you gotta bake the cornflake crisp like a granola, then let it cool. Then you have to beat the butter for 10 minutes for maximum fluffiness, then chill the finished dough balls for an hour. The worst part is the recipe said to bake the cookies for 18 minutes which I thought was ridiculously long, but the dough was ice cold, so I set the timer for 18 minutes—telling myself to check them half way through—and then went off to my piano to play some Chopin. I guess I really got into the Chopin number because the next thing I knew the 18 minute timer was going off and my cookies were burnt. In went the final batch for just 10 minutes (pictured above) and guess what…….these cookies tasted like a crispy basic chocolate chip cookie. Too sweet as well. So stinking disappointed for all that work. Maybe the real thing from the real restaurant is better. Either way, not buying the cookbook now.

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