Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Texas Style Blueberry Cobbler

I saw this recipe on yesterday, pinned it, and made it today.That has to be a record from love at first site to tummy happiness. Here’s a double stack of the cake. Yes, I ate both pieces. I ran 4 miles today but I’m sure my hips don’t care.

It’s currently one of their free recipes although I think that will change eventually. Love all things related to


And the recipe did not disappoint. You make the easiest buttery cake batter in the world (no eggs, curiously), pour it into the 9x13, and then spoon the crushed blueberries over the top. And the hint of lemon zest sure comes through in the final cake. I’m in love, and this cake is now part of my repertoire. For sure. Fast and easy. 10 minutes I think.

Next time I’ll try it with frozen berries (thawed first) and see how it compares to fresh ones. And peach season is coming….oh the possibilities!


Don’t you love recipes with a little bit of magic? The batter goes in first, then the blueberries but they kind of ‘reverse’ that order by the time it’s done cooking? The berries end up on the bottom and the sweet cake is on top. Fancy.

Click here for recipe

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Grammy and GheeGhee said...

This is the cobbler my mom made. She called it Miracle Cobbler because the batter rises over the fruit as it bakes. Almost any fruit can be used. We usually had either peach, with canned fruit in the winter, and cherry, with canned cherries always. I still love it and so do my children and grandchildren.


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