Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Roasted Beets, Fried Shallots, and Bleu Cheese Salad

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I read a blog post the other day about golden beets. Just reading the post made me crave beets. Mmmm, sweet veggie goodness, packed with vitamins and tastiness. But orange ones? I’ve only ever had purple ones. I now think I prefer the orange ones. Although maybe it’s just because I still have nightmares of canned beets even while eating yummy roasted purple ones. My hubby always gets beets at the salad bar in restaurants—knowing good and well they are canned. Gag. I still love him though.

I quickly searched “beet salad” on my Cooksillustrated  app for the iPhone and this recipe came up. Love that app. What I love is that I can save all my favorite recipes to the ‘favorites’ section. (Duh) I can’t tell you how often I am in the grocery store, see a certain ingredient that reminds of a favorite recipe, and then easily go to my CooksIllustrated app to find the recipe. Not being paid by the good folks at cook illustrated, just a big fan.

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I didn’t have arugula which will make this 10x tastier in my book, but I did have an heirloom lettuce pack. And those 5-minute fried shallots are like having mini onion rings in my salad. I browned mine too much but they were still yum. I already had a homemade vinaigrette on hand in the chill box so this was a 10 minute salad. (I roasted the beets earlier in the day at 350 degrees for 1 hour, wrapped in aluminum foil. Simply rub the skins off when cool.) So go ahead and give beets—orange or purple—a chance.

Click here for recipe

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Aubri said...

Where did you find those pretty beets? I want some! This looks delicious...and beautiful!


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