Saturday, May 05, 2012

Becoming a Runner

Today is a red-letter day. I ran 3 miles without stopping. Pride? You better believe it because I am no athlete.

Twelve years ago I was a runner for about a year and a half. I even ran a half marathon in 2000. I was slow, it always hurt, but I was indeed a runner. I found a 5k training chart on the internet and that’s what started it all way back then.

Well, now there are apps for that. Download them, use your headphones and listen for the cues and start your mix of running and walking. That’s exactly what I did.

IMG_6386 copy

5k 1 copy

When I started two months I couldn’t even run 1 minute without gasping. I still gasp towards the end (as evidence by this photo today), I’m still slow, but I feel stronger and more fit already.

5k 3 copy

My 14-yr old son even came with me to celebrate my final run of the app. He is young and didn’t even break a sweat. That makes me feel old.

5k 2 copy

Turns out today was the Provo Marathon. Apparently this was mile 18 for the runners (hence the orange cones). No thanks. But I feel privileged to run this beautiful route along farmlands and the Provo River. Today was gorgeous.

5k 4 copy

But this middle-aged woman feels good. My son said I should now go on to the 10K app. Ummm, I need a cookie first to think about that.


Jenny said...

Way to go, Cynthia! Trent & Ethan ran 1.5 miles together for the first time today. I might have to go check out that app since I really need to get in shape! I either need to start getting up earlier or go in the evenings. You've got me thinking...

Mary said...

Good job! I used to run for exercise in college, doing laps up and around the temple. It killed my knees. I've been enjoying bike rides on the river trail for the past two years, and thought I was pretty fit. Today, though, we ran laps around the gym during aerobics, and I was gasping after two minutes. My six-year-old lapped me three times, the stinker! I applaud you runners!


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