Thursday, June 09, 2011

Simplicity 4077

I started using this pattern 4 years ago. It is Simplicity 4077 but I couldn’t find a link to it on the Simplicity website, but I don’t think it is out of print…. yet. Could be wrong. See this previous blog post from 2008 about this same pattern.


I’ve made it twice with the mandarin collar but I just don’t love how it fits on my body. The collar sits way to high, nearly up to my chin don’t you think, unlike the pattern photos?  And I’m too lazy (so far) to alter the collar. Ok, really, I don’t know how to alter the collar. It would entail cutting the front and back pieces lower and then lengthening the collar I guess to fit the now-wider neckline? Dunno.

simplicity blouse 4077

So then I made the regular collar but look how wide it is? The collar looks like wings reaching nearly to my arms! But I love this blouse and wear it because, well, I love dots.

simplicity blouse 4077 dots

So today I decided to make it again. This time I cut the collar a bit narrower. In fact, I cut off a good one inch from the -pattern. My newly-traced collar sits on top of the original.


Two and a half hours later I had another new blouse.  And I completely love the smaller collar. It’s been 3 years since I’ve used this pattern but I’m determined to make more this summer. (I’m determined to sew a lot more clothing this summer actually. I’m burnt out on just sewing for my etsy shop.)

Can you believe I found this fabric at Walmart? Could it be more Cynthia? Lime green with dots? Loooove it. I need to go back and get more to make tops for the girls. (No, not so we can match you cheesy person you.) I figured since it was $5 a yard that meant it would be a better quality than their usually crappy cottons that are $2.

green dot blouse (5)copy 

This is one of the few woven shirt patterns that I own that is fitted but still allows lots of movement throughout my arms and upper back. The only other change I make is I don’t cut open the front darts. Lame. You’ll know what I mean if you buy the pattern.

I don’t look happy, but I am! Here’s to more cotton woven shirts and less sloppy t-shirts that cling to my body and show my love of chocolate cake too much. You know what I’m talkin’ about ladies.

green dot blouse (1) copy


Mary said...

Two-and-a-half hours?! Wow! I bet that's even faster than a Chinese sweatshop could turn out that blouse!

I really like how the collar opens up without laying flat, too. Very cute.

QuiltingCyclist said...


Debbie said...

Darling blouse. This is one of my favorite styles too. You are an amazing seamstress! And speedy.

Win said...

Very cute blouses Cynthia!

Kami said...

Very cute! Love the blouses and the colors you chose. I have yet to sew my banner. Still haven't even bought fabric yet. (sigh)

Steffi said...

Love this blouse!Great work!


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