Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simplicity 3510

Have you seen the Project Runway patterns from Simplicity? They are adorable—simple designs with a little extra style to them. And since I adore the show (when does the new season start, I miss it!) I figured, why not try one of the patterns? So I tried Simplicity 3510. Isn’t is darling? Super cute variations.

simplicity 3510

I decided to eliminate the front tie as I am lazy. I let Hallie pick the style she wanted and she said that she wanted the ruffled sleeve. With lace. I found this crochet lace trim in my stash that I literally have no memory of ever purchasing. Such is the stash.

project runway pattern (5) copy

I think the lace adds quite a feminine flare. And those little tucks on the bodice are sure cute as well. They even have the tucks in the back:

project runway pattern (6) copy

All in all, a super cute design that I hope to get 2 years out of for Hallie. That’s what I love about these tunics—extra long to last an extra long time.

project runway pattern (4) copy

After making the above I decided I love the bodice portion so much that I would use it for this dress:

project runway pattern (9) copy

I’ve been diein’ to make a sherbet dress for Hallie after seeing a little girl at church wearing one. And then last week I saw this blog post with a tutorial to make it even more tempting. Love it in the blues as well!

But I did mine in oranges/pinks with two yellow prints and hot pink ribbon. Reminds me of sorbet or Rainbow Sherbet—minus the green. Thank heaven I own the Bernina Ruffler Foot that does all the gathering for me. I would never gather that much by hand. Never. Gathering is evil. I made the bodice a size 8 and then cut 7-8” tall layers for the rest of the skirt portions—hot pink, orange, dark yellow, and then the light yellow print. The solids are just ‘country classic’ 100% solids from Joann. I spent $12 and have enough to make another for my 10 year old. But I think she thinks she’s too old for such a dress. “Woe Mom, that is bright!” Her exact words.

project runway pattern (8) copy

Summer sewing is so much fun.

project runway pattern (1) copy


Jenny said...

Gorgeous sherbet dress! and I know what you mean about the Bernina ruffler, how easy does it make it!

bwags said...

Project Runway starts July 27. I can't wait!
(adorable dress, too! :-)

Steffi said...

Great pattern!I like your dresses!

Mary said...

Such cute stuff! The dress may be too childish for a ten-year-old, but I would love one of those tunics for myself!


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