Thursday, September 02, 2010

Falling Head First into September

I still have no camera.
It’s killing me.
I can’t post any new designs on my etsy shop without a decent camera so I have no motivation to make anything new. Oh please Nikon elves….fix my camera faster and send it back to its happy home into my loving arms! Please? (*anxiously biting nails*) So I’ve just been filling orders like crazy…..sewing away the hours of the day on this machine while listening to books on CD. (Thanks to my sister in law for convincing me that books on CD are sheer awesomeness. I’m a new convert.)
photos 111
And because I am a multi-tasker,  the below machine embroiders magically away, while I sew on the above machine and while I listen to books on my laptop, while munching smoked almonds. Now that’s a hard days work. 
photos 104
I am now at phase 2 of motherhood—the Daytime Empty Nest Phase. After having my children in the home nearly constantly for 12 1/2 years straight (those piddly 2 hour breaks for kindergarten don’t count, more trouble than they are worth), I am child free for most of the  week days. Phase Two of motherhood is fantastic. No one yells at me, no one spills strawberry jam on the floor, nor is any one following me around saying, “Why not?” for a good portion of daylight hours.
Oh blessed day!
I shower when I want, eat my breakfast when I want, exercise when I want, shop when I want, work when I want…..even read a book in the middle of the day….just because I can. I have talked to other moms who are also entering Phase 2 of Motherhood and some have admitted to being (gasp) sad.
Huh? Uh, baking powder? (Name that movie.)
I become speechless when I hear such utterances. I have plans….oh I have plans!
And taking up piano lessons again are part of those plans. I can play ok, I used to play well, but these days I just slog my way through most pieces. But Phase 2 of Motherhood is spurring me on to great heights! That and I was released as the YW president in my ward….so time abounds!
Stay tuned.


Ana said...

Cynthia: I am ONE year away from Phase 2 and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I have so many plans too, so much sewing to do, so many thrift stores to visit, the list is endless! I love your blog and the things you make.

Kate said...

1. Wayne's World
2. I am so. jealous. I'm four years away, and already I find myself thinking, "When the twins are in first grade, I'll be able to ..." Congrats on making it there!

Casey said...

Don't gasp, but I think it will be bitter sweet. Right now my youngest is at such a fun age (I love her being 3) I don't want it to end and yet at teh same time I dream of the day when I don't have to entertain, feed, put down for naps, wipe bottoms, and buckle the car seat, unbuckle the car seat, buckle the car seat - you know what I mean. Congrats on the new phase and I can't wait to see your new designs.

thefoxkids said...

You are SOOO right. i'm year 2 of phase 2 (i also NO WAY count half day kinder!) BUT I was so terrified of being sad and bord last year that I got a job the same hours as the kids MISTAKE!!! this year i'm just going to Sub so I can pick and choose when I work... here's to phase 2!!! love your blog too Cynthia!!!

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about your camera, my fingers and toes are crossed that those little elves get it back to you soon! I've got a long way until phase 2, since I haven't even begun phase 1! But I can already tell you...I'll be strumming your tune I'm sure! :)

Candy said...

haha, your witty writing always makes me laugh.
Yay for Phase 2! I, on the other hand, and starting again, fresh, any. A few weeks ago ALL of my kids got buckled by themselves into carseats/booster seats. I was so happy....then realized I'm starting all over again. I'm excited for another little baby for sure...but you know what I mean.
Also, I just sent some quick-fix vibes over to the Nikon elves. You'll have your camera back soon.

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me smile! Hope you get your camera back soon!!!!

Ilene said...

I am glad to see all of my missionary effort has born fruit.

Books on CD ARE fantastic.

Having the kids at school all day is the payoff for all SAHMs. The only thing bittersweet about having Jackson in first grade is that it makes me realize how old I am getting. It's all about me, really. One kid down, two to go. Sigh.

Camille said...

I am jealous that you are on phase 2. I will be kid free starting January for 5 days but only 3 hrs. My youngest is starting what they call nursery here in Scotland. I figure at least I'll have those 3 hours to just do whatever I want!! Enjoy your time. I'm taking piano lessons too and love it!

nicole said...

Six years away for me! And I have big plans too-I hope you have some serious fun. but I will probably also be sad-Glad to see your bishop has given you a rest too-but I'm sure that won't last-so have fun while it does!

Patta Patta said...


You know if you ever want to send them my way in the afternoons to have more blessed time to yourself, you can send them my way, right? It's a win-win siutation for us both!

Love you tons!


midnight hysteria said...

love it, love it, love it ... i'm in the completely empty nester's phase and i love it ... i see the grandkids when i want and i love that, too, however i do wish they lived closer, but ... nevertheless, i have always been a true fan of my time .... i love it! sometimes hubs comes home for lunch; it's nice, but it just cuts the day in half and slows the momentum ... not nice, huh??? <3 him, though

but, cynthia, i see a stake calling in your future or ... the ward rs pres ... LOL ... would you not just kick your bishop?????? hehehe ....

darlene, who loves your work!


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