Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Camera is Ill

My great little Nikon D40 has a hot pixel. I think this is one time when ‘hot’ is not a good thing. Notice the red line that appears on all my photos because it’s just so dang ‘hot’.

DSC_0526 copy DSC_0350 copy

I’ve been without a camera for a whole week now while the gods at Nikon Camera in El Segundo camera fix it. I got the diagnosis yesterday with a bill for $150 dollars to fix it. Sigh, what choice did I have to pay it? To replace the camera would cost around $500 so decison made. Credit card number handed over to the Nikon gods and hopefully I will get my camera back in another week or so.

I’ve missed out on not taking any pictures this week. It was the first day of school nonetheless.  Very sad indeed to have to draw pictures of what my kids looked like on this special day. More or less, this is what the kids looked like. I am such an artist.

back to school

Now do you believe me that I NEED my camera like I need air? Hurry home little Nikon D40, hurry home to mama.


Nancey said...

I had no idea digital cameras could have this sickness. At least it's "fixable" huh? God speed your camera back to its home : )

Andy said...

Yes, your camera needs fixing. By your drawing I am led to believe that your son's classroom has a clothing-optional policy. However it's nice to see he has the good sense to wear fashionable shoes. :-)

Mike,Shar,Ryan,Rex said...

I too am having camera problems so I feel your pain, I have nikon D70 that keeps reformatting the card everytime I take a picture. It's seems like the greatest photo opportunities arrise when your camera does not work! I hope your camera gets well soon. P.S. I really like your drawings,although I do hope your kids wore shirts to school!

Patta Patta said...

Cyn, your camera was not under warranty? Obviously not, right?


Kristan Carter said...

lol this is too funny. You are a great artist. But I know you are missing your camera.

Win said...

Love your pictures!


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