Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Costco Meal

To complete this 15-minute Costco meal you will need:

1 red mini van to drive to Costcoland (or other vehicle of your choice). DSC_0191 Once you are safely past the Costco Membership Guards, grab a shopping cart and quickly purchase:

Fresh Sockeye Salmon (wild please, try to avoid the not-so-yummy farm-raised stuff if at all possible, ) 1 package of Genoa Salami, 1 container of mini fresh mozzarella balls, 1 container of Spring Mix lettuce, 1 package of tomatoes, 1 gigantic sized bag of croutons. Try to avoid the new selection of Shade t-shirts on your way to register. It is ok however to sample the fizzy lemonade. Oh, and pat yourself on the back for buying fresh cherries and blueberries and avoiding the Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches. They’d melt anyway on your way home.

Once home, unload your spoils. Fifteen minutes before you want to eat, pan fry your salmon (which you’ve cut into 4” strips) for 3-4 minutes per side. During those free minutes, assemble the salad which should take all of 5 minutes. Yes, I realize salami in your salad means you’ll be serving fish and pork on the same plate, get over it.

Serve your meal with lemon wedges or the addictive dill sour cream sauce(leftover from last week when you made the exact same meal), and of course a leftover carb. In this case, I had leftover basmati rice mixed with saag aloo from Bombay House. Everybody loves salmon in my house so this meal is a real winner. *pats self on back*

Don’t forget to have the kids load the dishwasher while you wash the one dirty pan. Then quickly retreat to the couch and watch lots of Tv for the evening. Bliss.


Candy said...

holy yum. i want some. I'm lovin' that 15 minute meal.
good job!

Linda said...

Sounds so yummy! I will try it! I love your sense of humor, Cynthia! :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, what's wrong with serving fish and pig on the same plate? I want to say it is a Jewish Kosher thing, but that wouldn't make sense because they don't eat pork. Enlighten me, please.


cynthia said...

i just don't think pork and fish go very well together. nor do fish and cheese, but i broke those 2 culinary rules.

Brittany & Barry said...

You are hilarious - I love you. Glad your fam likes salmon. Sounds like a pretty healthy meal - and more importantly, it looks beautiful in your picture.

Win said...

Is this the meal you were talking about camping?
Sounds so good!!!

Allison Winward said...

YUM YUM YUM.... I wish Mark liked salmon because I would make this once a week!!

Ilene said...

Costcoland... the happiest place on Earth. Disneyland has nothing on this place.

Although it is every bit as expensive.


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