Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raspberry Yummies

4 cases of raspberries + 2 little helpers = lots of raspberry jam to fill my freezer for one more year.


Paul said...

Nice post...you omitted the following:

One sticky floor

Carolyn#2 said...


Ilene said...

I have a sticky floor and no raspberry jam to show for it.

Life isn't fair.

I need to suck it up and make some jam. Or I just need to make another trip to your house and eat some of yours.

Win said...

Raspberry jam is the best!!! Yum!! The girls look like they had a blast as well!
Someday I might grow up to be like you, Cynthia...that is if I have kids...I can't justify spending the time it takes to make great food for only two--Ok, I am lazy--but I am honest!

Brian and Carly said...

Fun! You are the best mom. Your daughters are gorgeous!


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