Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mughlai Chicken

I made this chicken dish again tonight. And then I chatted about it with a friend on facebook which makes me think I should just post the recipe. It helps that the recipe comes from my favorite British chef Nigella Lawson. Isn’t curry the national food of England now? I knew those Brits were smart.

I can’t say enough about this dish. I’ve served it at curry parties and it’s always a hit. It’s my comfort food and when you see the ingredients you’ll know why—chicken and cream? Yum!  Don’t be afraid to use powdered spices instead of whole spices if that’s all you have. Personally, I buy my whole spices in bulk here (for cheap!) and keep them in the freezer. Now if I only had a tandoor oven to make naan bread….


Andy said...

oooh that looks good. Guess what's going on my menu this week? Thanks!

Care Bear said...

But where's the recipe???


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