Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Know It’s the Dead of Winter When….

…you go out to get the mail without a coat and think, ‘Wow it’s warm today!’ (The thermometer said 38 degrees)icicles

…you have memorized where the worst ice potholes are in the neighborhood and expertly avoid them even if this means driving on the left side of the road.

…your car needs to be re-aligned due to afore mentioned potholes before you memorized the  locations of the worst.

…you sit in your bay window that faces south to soak up the sun. you sit there so long the sun moves, so you move as well.

…you turn your electric blanket on 1 hour before bed lest there be one single cold spot left when you climb in.

…you drink Postum (ok, Pero, because you all read my blog on the death of Postum) at least twice a day.

…you search travelocity.com saying to yourself, “if flights to California drop just $5 more bucks, I’m outta here!”

…you sigh with relief as you grip your heated steering wheel and wonder why you don’t do more yoga so that you can drive with your feet on the wheel as well.

…you ask your friend who is in law-school what kind of liability you’ll have if someone dies while climbing your ice coated front steps.

….you don’t like the answer your friend gives.

….you wonder why for the millionth time you have to live in Utah among the frozen chosen.


Ilene said...

It could be worse. You could be living in Spokane. When we visited a few weeks ago they had already had 70 plus inches. In hindsight, I seriously don't know how we lived there...

Yeah, Boise looked like Hawaii in comparison.

cynthia said...

it could always be worse! somehow that phrase has never made me feel better. :)

Mark Harrington said...

Save your pennies for a trip to sunny Florida!

LaurieJ said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Dang these north facing houses. We are covered with ice too.
If you find somewhere fun. warm, and cheap can I tag along?

Loryn15 said...

Ha ha ha. Oh Sister Winward, where's that positive attitude you keep telling me about? :D

Michael said...

Okay, just to be nice I won't tell you that it has been in the 80's every day for the last week in your old home town!


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