Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy As A Bee

I haven't blogged in over a month because life has been so busy I hardly have time to think these days. So what have I been up to since my last post?

Bought new living room furniture at IKEA. Love that dang store. I bought 2 chairs in a linen color and a dark brown couch. All three are from their Karlstad collection. Love em! I bought a brown couch because I figure when the kids drop their cup of orange juice from the kitchen table and it splatters everywhere it won't visibly stain the couch. The last couch (which is now in the play room) was stained with bright pink paint because the kids have some stupid paint spinner thing (they've been given two of those--by Winnie and Carolyn--thanks) and they didn't put the cover on one time when they used it. Pink paint everywhere. Hopefully the brown couch solves at least little grubby handprints stains. And chocolate stains too. (Notice the blowing snow storm out the window. Snow is evil.)

I've been busy with my calling. I think I've mentioned here before, or not, that I am the big P over YW in my ward. I've had camp meetings, leaderships trainings, snow activities, planning for New Beginnings, cooking service projects, youth conference meetings, Christmas caroling in the freezing weather, talks to give in sacrament, meeting, etc. I is tired.

To top it all off, I decided that now is the time to make my kitchen the way I would've made it had we built this home. So I hired an electrician and a handyman. They are here today. Nice mess they've made so far, don't you think? I am having a range hood installed that will vent to the outside. Hooray. I can finally cook the High-Roast Chicken from at 500 degrees without setting off my smoke alarms anymore. And seared salmon too. I may just have to make pan roasted chicken breasts with a mushroom gravy to test it out tonight. The electrician is adding under cabinet lighting, adding an outlet in my pantry for a microwave, and fixing another outlet box in the house. Then the kitchen will be beautifully tiled in glossy white subway tiles. I tiled my old kitchen in the subway tiles and I have so missed them. I'll post pics when it's all done. Now if only my husband would give in and let me paint our knotty alder cabinets. Who puts rustic knotty cabinets in a classy craftsman home? Bugs me.

Add to this all the dang birthday parties my kids have been invited to, books reports to help them on, sewing orders to fill, piano recitals, ice skating lessons, and just the general running of a household. Oh yea, I turned 34 and my knees are starting to hurt from all the boot camp aerobics I've been doing this winter. Do I blame the aerobics or my age?


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back! I actually missed not being able to go to the Shalom meeting this year. All snow is evil by this time of year:-)

Ilene said...

Excuses, excuses.

Actually, I have been a bit behind in the blog world too. I am outta energy.

I just got called to 2nd counselor in the YW presidency so send me all of your ideas and plans so I can pass them off as my own here.

Jealous of your cute pillows and under cabinet lighting. Hey, I would happily trade my nasty yellow laminate cupboards for your alder pine any day of the week. So, it can be worse, Cynthia.

Oh, so worse. Especially considering I have no marketable skill to pay for any of the home improvements I would like to complete...

colleeeen said...

congrats. if we ever own again, a REAL vent hood is on my must-have list as well. between pan-frying and high-heat roasting, we smoke up the house far too often.

have you been to the Beginnings New blog? it's YW-leadership oriented. i wish there was an equivalent for Primary.


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