Friday, June 09, 2017

Another School Year Gone

Someone once told me that once your kids turn 12 everything time goes by like lightning. True. Ilene just finished her sophomore year, Hallie just finished her 7th grade year of junior high, and Nathan is just nearing one year as a missionary in the Dominican Republic.

Ilene ran track again this year. That girl is a runner to be sure. Sometimes at her track meets I think about the hours spent waiting at her kindergarten bus stop and how she'd run from tree to tree and say "Time me Mom!". Ummm ok, ready, set go! Then I would count out loud and she'd be in heaven when I'd say, wow only 12 seconds to run to the tree and back!
Utah State Track meet at BYU

Ready for her team's relay
Ilene waiting for the baton pass
Hallie had her fair share of fun as well this school year. She was in her school's musical plays, like Singing in the Rain.

And of course she had to play city league soccer again.

A cold April night for a soccer game.

My beautiful girls, they're growing up so fast.
April 2017, Mt. Timpanogos temple


And their mom is looking older as well.....but happy to see them grow and learn.

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