Friday, July 15, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

I needed some new family photos of my gang before Nathan left on his mission. Naturally I waited till the last week before he left. I used my Nikon d750 camera, my Tamron 24-70mm lens, my reflectors, and two good friends.

Why are out takes my favorite?

I set the camera settings where I wanted them and asked my friend Kelly to pose us and her husband Shawn to shoot away. They were amazing. I only have amazing friends though.

We went along the trail near Utah Lake--the one in Provo that parallels the lake. It's about a mile from our house.
processed in Adobe Lightroom with my homemade preset of High Contrast Black & White

processed in Adobe Lightroom with my homemade preset called Aged & Faded
I like the above photo on my entryway table.

The above and below shots are not very sharp since they were shot at 1/30 second, so I couldn't print them large, but I just love how we are all posed here so 5x7 is the largest I'll print. That's the size of the above photo.
processed with regular editing "by hand"
I processed all the photos in Adobe Lightroom. I rarely use Photoshop anymore. Lightroom is about $70 and it's the best money ever spent no matter how basic your camera. It enables me to process photos lightning fast.

Back to the photo shoot. The benefit of having a friend pose you is she isn't afraid to man-handle you or the kids. 

We even got off the trail and did some shots in the lake grasses.....

Don't tip over there Ilene!

Sometimes the reflectors did too good of a job. Look at us squint in this one!

Love the shots on the lake best. We chose to use back lighting from the setting sun (it was 8pm by now) and use reflectors to shine light into our faces. And because we shot at sunset, the sky was a bit washed out so I used a graduated filter in Adobe Lightroom to bring back some of the sky to blue.

This is the shot I'm having printed 20x30 on metal.

Sunset on Utah Lake made me feel so glamorous.

Love how it turned out! Printed at It is 20x30 printed in Lustre White on metal.

Pretty sure a bug was crawling up Nathan's leg here. 
Mt. Timpanogos in the background, Utah Lake on the left, and a beautiful sky. Yum.

My favorite of just the kids.

That's a wrap. We should be good on family photos until Nathan gets back from the Dominican Republic in two years. Phew!

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Cathy said...

Kids grow up way too fast. Great pictures of your adorable family


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