Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birthday Getaway

We didn't go to California this year for our post-Christmas getaway. Paul was out of vacation so for the first time in I don't know how long, we were not driving south on December 26th. The lack of sun was eating a hole in a my soul so for my January birthday I bought myself a plane ticket to see my parents and siblings in Chino, California for a weekend. In fact, the girls had their 15th and 12th birthday in January and early February as well so I bought them tickets too. Presto, a girls' weekend in the sunshine!

Our first stop was Bolsa Chica beach. For a warm February day we were shocked that there was pretty much not another soul on the beach. A rarity in such a crowded town.

That's my sister Carolyn above, talking away with Hallie, no doubt about something highly important like the latest video of a kitty cat on You Tube. Or the Lakers, yea probably the Lakers.

The day was filled with sunshine, laughs, greasy potato chips, handstands, shell collecting and a beautiful sunset.
This is my life right now--Hallie tortures Ilene by touching, poking, or choking, and Ilene screams 'Get away!'

"Mom the best seashells are found when the tide goes out!"

Even when we ain't runnin' around southern California playing tourist we are happy to chill at my parents' home. Picking oranges, lemons, or just enjoying a good movie.
Fresh orange juice for breakfast everyday. No joke. 

I've been picking lemons from this tree since 1978. Aren't Meyer lemons a true miracle?

My mom loves little lawn ornaments.

I am determined to give my girls a proper California education, meaning we try to visit some historical sites like the local missions. Every California kid has to learn about missions in the 5th grade and torture their parents by making replicas of a mission. Usually out of sugar cubes or cardboard. So on this day we headed to the San Juan Capistrano mission.

We opted for the tour with this cool guy in the red shirt. So cool!

walking around town to find some lunch

We dined at Ruby's on burgers and fries for lunch.

Honestly me and the girls didn't plan the black and white shirt theme!

We stayed till sunset, how could we not? 

It was about 75 degress, sunny, and perfect, everyday we were there. In the end it was time for us to head back to Long Beach airport for our flight to Salt Lake City. But I am a moron and went by the time in my Google calendar app for the return flight--4pm. Only that was Utah time, not California time. Our flight was 3pm. So we missed it. Dang you Google! So we had 6 hours to waste before the next Jet Blue flight left for Salt Lake.

playing barefoot is always better

Plenty of time to waste playing cards. An I Love Lucy deck of course.

Thankfully Long Beach airport is outside so we did get 6 more hours of sunshine.

Do I look amused that we missed our flight? I do not. Ilene does though!

Farewell California, till next time! Maybe some day we will live back under your glorious sunshine. but until then we have to settle for long weekends with family.

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Carolyn Harrington said...

Great pictures for a great blog!!!! Happy times indeed.


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