Monday, September 15, 2014

Triangle Quilt

These triangle quilts are everywhere these days. Just look up “triangle quilt” on Pinterest and holy smokes, you’ll see loads of luscious ones. Not wanting to be left out I wanted one of my own. Yea, well, it took me a whole year to make this. In actuality it took me a few days back in September 2013, then I shoved it in a corner, and finished it this September of 2014. I am the queen of no unfinished projects but quilting is the exception. I get all fired up for a project…..and then I lose steam. And that’s why I don’t quilt much. I absolutely love quilts but don’t have the patience to make more than one a year. I prefer sewing projects that can be done in under 5 hours. I sadly accept that fact about myself. But I want to change, really, I do.



I started out buying this ruler, which now I wonder will I ever use again?


It did make cutting all those triangle go super duper fast, so it was worth the $25 to my pocket book. But still. Now I gotta get my money’s worth.


It’s mainly Kona cotton solids with a handful of prints thrown in.Here are the triangles sewn into strips, all spread out to try out different layouts.


Here I am, at night, pinning all those strips together. Thankfully most of the edges are on a bias so it was easy to stretch and match up *most* of the triangle points. I have to admit—I hated this part. Hate.


But she’s done and she’s lovely and has a semi-permanent home on my wingback chair. It’s what you see when you first walk in my home.  I like it there.


Isn’t the back kinda cool? Yup, notice my binding why don’t you. I do not sew binding on by hand because life is too short.


I do, however, sew it to the back first, then flip it to the front and stitch it down. I don’t care that it isn’t perfect. Nothing in life should be perfect except lemon meringue pie and piano solos. I can do both actually, but not perfectly. Hypocrite.


I’ve gotten in the habit of embroidering the date on my quilts instead of doing quilt tags. I used my Marker Fine Point font in the 1 inch size, found here.


I love how my wonky triangle quilting turned out. Again, not perfect, but perfectly how I wanted it. I should have sent this puppy out to be quilted—that’s what took me a whole year. I got sick of stitching inside those 180 triangles.




Finally, I’m the proud owner of my very own triangle quilt. Hooray!


Kathy E. said...

This is beautiful, Cynthia! You should be very proud of it and super happy that it's done and now on display for all to see! I love the wonky-ness and makes me feel more normal.

DIane Warburton said...

Quilting inside each triangle?! Boy! But you did it! You're alot more patient than you give yourself credit for. That feeling of pride you have, must make it all worth while. Well done indeed!

Sandy said...

I started out quilting and then moved into embroidery. I'm back to helps slow me down when life is going at full throttle. Beautiful quilt. I love the bright colors.

Kristen Badowski said...

It's beautiful! I love your colors!

SarahZ said...

Perfectly adorable! I too love the colors, and it looks like your whole house matches it to boot :)


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