Friday, January 10, 2014

Costa Rica

How lucky was I to take a vacation in December when temperatures here in Utah were ZERO DEGREES? Paul and I went to Costa Rica with his firm. I’m a little behind (a whole month) in posting this, but nobody reads anyway. This is just my journal. Smile

This is the hotel we stayed at, nice huh?

costa rica-2-19

With views out to the Pacific ocean.

costa rica-2-29

costa rica-318

We went on a Crocodile tour…….

costa rica-2-88

Saw cool birds and animals…….

costa rica-2-98

costa rica-060-2costa rica-109-2

costa rica-187-2

Ate in cool restaurants in the tree tops….don’t I look happy and well rested? That’s what a week of no dishes and angry children will do for ya.

costa rica-124-2

OH the food. Beans and rice cooked in the most delicious ways. Of course I bought a Costa Rican cookbook. Mmm.

photo 2

Zip lined through the jungle with Paul. Ok, I can’t lie. He did the zipline, I took the photos. I wasn’t gonna sign that waiver stating that I won’t sue if I plunge to my imminent death. One of us has to raise the kids.

costa rica-226

costa rica-234

What a wonderfully relaxing vacation!

costa rica-007

Dinner’s in cantinas. We don’t drink, so yea, we had delicious tropical smoothies every night.

photo 1

The best part? This says a lot about me: The hotel will bring food to your lazy butt by the poolside! (This ‘meal’ cost me $20 bucks, but hey, it’s vacation!)

photo 1 (2)

Now Paul looks well rested too.

photo 3

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By The Seashore said...

I like reading your blog Cynthia when I can find some extra time. Your post on Costa Rica grabbed my attention although I do love visiting and getting embroidery advice on your site. I love looking at your embroidery machine and drooling! I've had a Singer Futura for a little over a year now and feel I'm ready for something a little nicer. Not sure the 830 is in my future anytime soon, but would be interested in your advice on the next step. As for Costa Rica, my husband and I went there (Tamarindo area) on our honeymoon about 5 1/2 years ago. We went in June during the rainy season so it was HOT and HUMID! How was December? But we loved it and want to go back one day.



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