Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Piano Recital

Every May my kiddos perform in their piano recitals. I just love their teacher pictured here—she’s also my teacher! (I decided a few years ago I wanted to really polish up my piano skills too.) My son doesn’t look happy to be there, and well, guess what. He’s 15 and isn’t. Oh well. He’ll thank me someday right?

My girls were excited to wear their new skirts I made them over the weekend. Nathan had to be bribed to wear a shirt and tie—I stood in line for him at the social security office today for a loooong time. (He needs a new SS card  so that he can get his driver’s license. So yea, I poured on the guilt: “You owe me Nathan—please wear a shirt and tie to your recital with no complaints.” There were none. Phew!



As you can see above, only one child memorized her music. I can sympathize. I don’t have one single song memorized anymore. Well, that’s not totally true. I can still play a few songs memorized as a kid 25 years ago (Bobcat Boogie and Fur Elise). But if I learned the song in the last 3 years, nope, ain’t got nothing upstairs.

Afterwards we celebrated with shakes and onion rings at Iceberg in Orem. Nobody complained about that portion of the evening.



Here’s to ice cream and piano lessons!

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