Monday, December 10, 2012

Gallery Art Wall

I’ve been achin’ to make a gallery art wall in my family room. I finally got around to doing it last weekend. I’m pretty darn happy with it too! (It was super duper nice to tackle a project that didn’t involve my sewing machines. Been working like a dog sewing Christmas stockings again.)

DSC_0282 copy

I think TVs are a real eye sore to most rooms. Unless I had a media room (no thanks) or an armoire (do they make shallow armoires now for flat screen tvs?) I prefer to keep the TV small. Thankfully Paul agrees. Our family room is thee room in the house where we spend 90% of our time, so a smaller TV for this room suits us just fine.

I saw these gallery art walls on Pinterest and made them my pattern to follow:


(above photo can be seen here. I couldn’t put the direct link as Pinterest said it goes to a spam site or an inappropriate site. Whoa!)


(above photo courtesy of The Hunted Interior)

My TV isn’t wall mounted (didn’t want to add electrical outlets for the power in the middle of the wall) but both of the above galleries were the look I was going for. Kind of plain right now huh?


So I bought a bunch of frames in varying sizes at craft stores before I even knew what I would put into the frames. It’s easier to print your photos in the correct sizes after you have your frames placed where you want them. Not to mention, some photos will need to go vertical, some horizontal.

I used black craft paper to trace my frames in the correct sizes and had my dear friend Kelly come help me map them out.

Here’s one of the arrangements we came up with. We kept re-arranging the craft paper, taking photos, and then took a vote. Obviously this was not the winning combo:


After printing my own photos at for 24 cents a piece…..

print waimea beach 5x7

(Ahh Waimea Beach On Oahu in Hawaii)

print house (11) 4x4

(Chives in my back yard)

photo 4x6 spring snowstorm

(Spring blossom with frosty snow in my backyard)

waimea valley (9)

(Lily pond in Waimea Valley, Oahu, Hawaii)

……..and buying some amazing watercolors from Renee Anne on etsy…..

renneeanne on etsyrenneeanne on etsy2

(Above: A Bird I Once Knew by Renne Anne via etsy,  Sky  Blue Feather by Rennee Anne vis etsy)).

….and lastly I wanted to find a canvas print. I really like the black and white tree  with turquoise bird that I found at Hobby Lobby for $40. The vases are from Hobby Lobby as well, $5-10 each. What a shock to find something modern at Hobby Lobby! I take back everything I said about that tacky store.

The wall is done. It was a good days work but now the focus on this wall is the art, not the black TV. Yum

DSC_0284 copy

I do have to say that I envisioned this project BEFORE I even had the TV on this wall.  It used to be in the corner (see below photo) as that’s the one spot in the room that was wired for satellite. Many thanks to my handy Dad and my 14-yr old son Nathan for rewiring the room to accomodate a TV on a different wall. We have a 4-ft crawl space that Nathan (who is smaller than my dad, obviously) would crawl down into using the webcam on his iPod touch. My dad was on the main floor, watching Nathan’s live video stream and giving him directions. Now that’s team work!!

green corner cabinet2

I stole my green TV media cabinet (below) that I had been using as a buffet in my kitchen to get my final result.

DSC_0130 copy

Next summer? I’ll tackle the ugly black ceiling fan.

DSC_0285 copy


Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus said...

What a fun living room! Thanks so much for posting the photos!

Michael said...

I'm glad I could be of help. That was a fun and really easy project thanks to my brilliant grandson and Apple iPods, iPads,and iPhones. I think Nathan will always remember he can do these projects without any fears.

@lliE said...

Love your gallery wall. I need to do that some day.

Just wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog/shop today on my blog.

Go here to check it out!

Thanks for the inspiration!!


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