Monday, August 27, 2012

New Look #6470

Argh, I have such mixed feelings about this pattern. On the one hand it, it is very cute and flattering—especially the flutter sleeves. On the other hand, it is has such narrow shoulders that you gotta wear an undershirt—unless you’re gonna wear a strapless bra and don’t mind showing everybody your chest when you even slightly bend over. I wasn’t interested in either so in the heat of August I had to wear another layer of clothing. Oh the blazing inferno.

DSC_0726 copy

This was my first attempt at a cowl neckline. I think that’s the correct term. Maybe I’ll try to alter it for a wider shoulder and higher neckline. Seriously—I measured the finished shoulder and it’s maybe 2”. Grrrrr. I'm not great at altering, especially with a style I’m new at, but we’ll see. Open to any pattern suggestions from my bloggy friends.

newlook 6470

I love this batik-print knit from Girl Charlee. After I made this blouse I quickly logged on and bought more before it would sell out. And it will sell out sadly.



Candy said...

ha! I just bought this same fabric! great minds think alike. :)

I'm hoping I can figure out this knit stuff. Every time I've tried in the past the fabric either gets bogged down in the machine, or my stitches break. I must have been sewing the wrong direction for the fabric to stretch? I'm seriously "knit fabric challenged." :)

and now....I want a peach pie too!

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean, the top is very flattering but slightly unpractical. I have a few items I've made that turned out like that!

Candy, a walking foot may help you with knit fabrics, and a ballpoint needle. Crepe knits are easier to work with my opinion. I don't do anything special with them & they turn out great!


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