Friday, November 05, 2010

My NEW Website!

fern on pillowI have been working for months now to get my very own website up and running. Now my embroidery designs can be instantly downloaded after purchase. No more waiting for me to email them to customers! Sweet Fancy Moses! (Name that episode of Seinfeld.) I’ll still keep my etsy shop but I hope that eventually my customers will move on over to 
Now I can offer coupon codes to newsletter subscribers and free designs just to say thanks to my awesome customers all around the world. Interestingly enough, I have quite a few customers in Australia, England, and Germany.
Thank goodness I hired a fabulous web designer, my brother in law Trevor. There is no way I would have known what to do. No chance at all. My brains (or lack of them) can only stretch so far.
Happy Stitching!


thefoxkids said...

i LOVE it!!! now I need to get an embroidery machine so I can take advantage of your AWESOME talent!!!

Patta Patta said...

Cyn, no average Joe would have been able to know what to do. I am just happy that Trevor was able to help you with this! It was definitely a win-win situation. :)

Mike,Shar,Ryan,Rex said...

So exciting! I love everything you make!

Cori and Dennis said...

I love your new website! Congratulations and I look forward to placing an order on here!


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