Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hexagon Heaven

I’ve been oh-so-wanting to make some cute hexagons—for pillows, a table runner, whatever. I had no idea what English Paper piecing was, but it sounded old-fashioned, time consuming, and I wanted nothing of it. But then I saw this blog  post and this You Tube video and new I wanted to try it. And don’t forget this adorable flickr group. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE flickr?

I think hexagons have that great retro look but because of the geometric-ness of them they are very modern and up to date looking. I made a hundred or so sitting around watching conference last week. How cute are these? The pink stack on the right is screaming for embellishment on the girls’ jeans. Or skirt. Or smock.DSC_0005 But I did quickly manage to put 8 of ‘em to good use for what else, a pillow. I did hate having to baste them together for the ‘shape’ I was looking for. (My hand basting isn’t so great as you’ll see in the last photo.) After I basted them together, I ironed the heck out of ‘em, removed the basting stitches and paper patterns, and sewed them down for good on my white cotton.


And I do like the final result:

190 copy

Stay tuned for more Hexagon Heaven in my upcoming posts.


Candy said...


Love it!

Nancey said...

I like how the hexes are drizzled along the pillow. You're making me want to try 'em, but realistically...hand basting?...I dunno.

barbara said...

super cute! and i love your quick tip for the dust ruffle. i'll have to try that :)


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