Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Main Squeeze

On 9-9-9 (eerie….) Paul turned 38. We celebrated with enchiladas and a lemon bundt cake—all birthday worthy food. Paul is just so talented I continue to be amazed at his prowess. Here are just a few facts about Paul: He can juggle….he loves rocky road ice cyn and paulcream (for which I can hardly respect him)….he speaks Dutch…he twirls his pen when he’s concentrating as good as any drill team member twirls a baton…he likes Latin girls, hence his wife…he can do any math problem in his head, hence his profession….he once broke the legs off of a piano…he loves to stay in his jammies longer than I think necessary…he plays the piano, much worse than myself…he gives great foot rubs.  Happy Birthday to such a baby face.

paul and bday cake


Ilene said...

Crap. I forgot to call him. I thought about it at least ten times and wanted to wait for when he was home from work. Then I forgot.

Another talent of Paul's? Not forgetting his siblings' birthday.

And although he likes Rocky Road ice cream, you like Postum (sp?). I would call it even.

Candy said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Darling picture of you two by the way. It was fun to read more fun facts about him.

Win said...

Cute picture! I hope Paul received his ecard! Unfortunately, I had a district meeting and then a dinner obligation that went late on his birthday so I was unable to call.....ugh, the beginning of the school year!!!

Michael said...

We love Paul because he takes such good care of our daughter and family.

Camille said...

I can remember Paul twirling his pen while taking phone orders at Barro's Pizza. How funny.
Sounds like you had a nice celebration :)


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