Monday, April 06, 2009

Ode to Hard Work

housework I can’t do it all, so I don’t even try
Because if I tried to, surely I’d cry
I shun scrapbooking and book clubs
And rarely clean the stove
And still you might ask,
Why I’m still so overload?

Well, there’s scouts and soccer,
lessons on piano for potential
And dang that laundry seems to grow exponential!
I always dread scrubbing our four showers and tubs
I’d rather read a cookbook all about dry rubs (huh?)

I run my own business, sometimes that a chore
Plus being
YW president  is just adding work more.
And I refuse to cook from a package for dinner.
My homemade pesto really is a winner.

I really need to stop, burned out I’m becomingexercise
Spreading myself too thin is so habit forming
So what can I cut out? What can go bye bye?
I’ll gladly give up the demon exercise.

So here’s to being so busy sometimes I sure feel
Like a chicken with her head cut off, who will eventually keel.


abelnap said...

Oh, Cyn! I feel your pain. Just give yourself permission to take a break from something. Close shop for a vacation or something. I wish I could come do your laundry! Lovely poetic stylings. Summer is around the bend -- even though it doesn't really seem to be. Curse that groundhog and his ridiculous shadow...

Candy said...

LOL! That was awesome!

I feel your pain, seriously. The other night it was 12:35am when I went to bed, and my alarm is set for 7:35 am. I had been going straight all day. I don't sit down to eat breakfast or lunch. Ever. Sometimes not even dinner. Sew. Post. Drive the kids here. Laundry. Dishes. Pick up. Deal with email and customer service crap. Be a good wife. Be a good mom. REad books. Exercise. I felt like I was just plugging in for the night, and it would start ALL over again the next day.
What can you do? Seriously? what can go? cut out custom orders. Until you are ready and don't feel spread so thin, just don't do them. Your upcoming vacation will do wonders for you. Could you ask to be released from your calling? Seriously, your father in heaven wants you to be happy. You have served a long time and it takes A LOT of time to do be a YW pres.
Hang in there. LEt me know what I can do to help. I can watch your girls for a couple hours to give you some quiet time if you'd like.

Jen said...

Amen sister! I feel your pain! You are quite the poet, I didn't even know it!

Ilene said...

Boycott Exercise!

Let's all go out shopping for elastic-waisted pants!!


Care Bear said...

A good reminder to me that I do not know what "busy" is.


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