Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gotta Stick to my Principles

There are just certain lines I will not cross, things in good conscience I can not participate in in this life. I simply can’t lest I become one of those women on Oprah—“I just lost who I was once I became a mom.” I have principles and I need to be able to look at my freckly-face each morning in the mirror.

Life lesson #1: It it makes the kids happy, but me miserable, ban it. That's the litmus test in my house for parental decisions—if it makes them happy and it makes me miserable, I know it's a bad idea. I don't take my kids to Chuckie Cheese. Chuckie Cheese sucks the life and money out of its patrons. I could lose myself—a dangerous thing. Life lesson #1 has caused me to also ban Caillou—that annoying Canadian cartoon, as well as me planning art projects for my kids.

Life lesson #2: Deprivation is good for children. When you give a child everything, you teach them to appreciate nothing. My kids own (from me at least) two pairs of shoes, they don’t get soda or other sugared drinks, I don’t buy them toys unless it’s their birthday or Christmas, they have to eat their vegetables to get dessert, and bedtime is always at 8pm—winter or summer. Their birthday parties are always at home and always include pin-the-tail on the whatever they can draw—Jedi, donkey, etc. I figure once they leave our house, life will only be uphill for them. They’ll never need medication because all they’ll need is a giant sugared soda at Chuckie Cheese.

Life lesson #3: If it’s too much work, it’s just a plain bad idea. This has caused me to give up scrapbooking at least 6 years ago—a decision I have never regretted since. Someday my kids will inherit CDs (or whatever the method of storage is then) chock full of their childhood pictures and videos. Basically, all crafts are bad. I guess the children crafts mentioned in #1 should fit here as well. Mopping and most other house work involving chemicals definitely fits here as well.

Life lesson #4: Life is easier when you are not sentimental. I don’t save hair from my kids’ first haircut because I’d have to remember where I put it for them in 25 years and I don’t save their teeth. Ilene lost a tooth the other day at my friend Allison’s house and Allison kindly wrapped the tooth and carefully sent it home. We quickly threw the tooth away and gave her a buck. What tooth fairy?

Life lesson #5: Guilt is for sissies. This life lesson may send me straight to hell, but at least I’ll go without emotional baggage. If I do something wrong and know it’s wrong, and want to stop doing it, I stop, repent if necessary, and move on. If I need to start doing something, but I’m too lazy to do what needs to be done, I always give myself an out. Life is just easier that way.


Anonymous said...
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Kacy said...

I'm adopting these rules.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cyn! It's Patty! I am not a mom, so really cannot speculate about rules, etc. However, I think I am safe to say that I have just about broken every rule you have as a mom, being the children's aunt! We all know I am a sucker! Ha ha ha! That's what aunties with no kids are for, right?

Anonymous said...

Ooops. I meant to say I have not experienced your "life lessons" yet. In fact, I might need a lesson or two from you. Let's see:

Lesson 1: I am always doing things with the kids that make them happy, but can sometimes make me miserable. (i.e trying to fish in 30 degree weather last April!)

Lesson 2: I give the kids everything, so they get no deprivation from me! Hah!

Lesson 3: Um, I have made gingerbread houses, painted Christmas ornaments with the kids, and other "messy" type crafty things.

Lesson 4: I took pictures of the kids when they caught their very first fish. Me, sentimental? Nah! Mental, yes. Sentimental, no.

Lesson 5: Guilt. Yeah, I guess that's why I am always on a diet.

That is all, reckonridge.

Anonymous said...

The above post was by me, Patty, again. It says I am anonymous.

mom2qtboys said...

Crap, I've got a guilt problem-now I'm feeling guilty for not getting over stuff quicker. I love these rules-unfortunatley I'm afraid I've lost myself a little, okay a lot. But some of these I swear by too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line was, "may send me straight to hell, but at least I'll go without emotional baggage."

Hilarious, Cynthia. You could do stand up.

Ilene said...

Fun post! Look at all of those comments, Cynthia! You are so popular.

LOVE the side bar with all of your current interests. May have to steal that idea.

I need to adopt the 8pm bedtime policy. I am hoping to get life in some kind of routine again. It probably won't happen until September, though.

Winnie said...

Hey Cynthia.....you crack me up! I wish I could master #5...life would be so much easier for me!!
I noticed that you finished New Moon! Didn't you just love it! I am so excited for Eclipse to come out on Aug 7th!!!

Anonymous said...

You let my grandkids stay up 'til 8:00 pm? As I remember, your mom and I always put you rascals in bed by 7:30, because I had to be in bed by 8:00. The along came MIA, uh, I mean YM/YW, and ruined my sleep.Tell your kids how lucky they are!

pops said...

Life lesson #4: Life is easier when you are not sentimental.

No doubt you have not one drop of your grandmother's blood in your veins. I think she still has my first soiled diaper.

Bet you won't even keep my funeral program!


cyn the win said...

I'll keep your funeral program Dad if you leave me your truck. :)

Paul said...

We also promise to dedicate the truck to your loving memory!

Go to Carolyn's blog if you want to laugh about that whole dedication thing.


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