Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ideal Marriage Age

This was the featured article tonight on as Paul sat down and checked email. I was sitting in a nearby chair reading a book and he began reading aloud this quote to me as he went through the open tabs on Internet Explorer:

"People are more concerned with their own self-development than they used to be," Cherlin says. "People are postponing marriage until everything in their lives is working in order. The order means after you've finished your education, perhaps after beginning your career, and increasingly after you've lived with your partner. They're postponing marriage until they think they're ready for it."

He then clicked on the next tab open on Explorer, which was my Pay Pal account. He exclaimed, "Holy cow, you have another XXXX dollars in here just today!"

My answer, "Aren't you glad you didn't wait to marry me?"


SingledOut4 said...

The picture is priceless – I looked just like him last Halloween, mullet and all.

Ilene said...

Don't people know that if your life is in working order, you would never throw a spouse in there to mess it all up?

Well, I had the money when Dan and I married but I knew Dan had the potential for supporting a family so I snatched him up quick. I am so getting a great return on my investment.


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